Scene 1: Acting The Part



Just another Sunday afternoon, sitting at a bakery sipping on my grapefruit ade and my oh so yummy pastry (carbs are going to be the death of me). I sit here eating my bread and notice that I am l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y trying so hard to eat “pretty.” I can’t help but to think what the person across from me is going to think of me if I eat “un-lady” like. Gawd I really hate how I think so much about how people think of me, why do I do this? Why should I care so much about how that person sitting across from me thinks? If that person thinks good of me, is that going to change anything about my life?

The obvious answer, no. I realize that a lot of people think so much about what others are going to think of them, but why? Why am I allowing another person, a stranger, judge my life? Why should someone’s opinion about my life affect me? Well, it shouldn’t and it sure as hell does not mean a single thing. Now, I say this but I’ll most likely find myself doing it again, but me writing about this feeling is my attempt of trying to overcome my insecurities. We shouldn’t allow someone to judge how we live or how we look. Unfortunately, we can’t change the way someone thinks, but we most definitely can control how it affects us.

You are your own enemy. People will think whatever they want about you and sometimes they might not always have something good to say. But let’s not let those negative thoughts become our own thoughts. You are the lead of your own life, don’t let the extras take your role.


5 thoughts on “Scene 1: Acting The Part

  1. deonterblanche says:

    Ditto me too! The thing is, in all honesty, I think we feel this way because we have been brought up with good values and good manners. And because of this, we ourselves look at other people’s table manners “subconsciously” not to judge them it’s kind of just built in. Therefore when we are out in public we know there are more people like us out there and we feel watched. And I can also honestly say that I have often thought of others… “you eat really classy” 🙂 or “jeezzzz dude I would not be able to share a table with you”

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